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Theater Tool

icon2Theater Tool allows you to calibrate your home theater speaker levels without purchasing a Sound Pressure Level (SPL) meter like RadioShack’s 33-2055 or 33-4050 which can cost more than $40.  Turn on the pink-noise generator in your receiver or amp, lock a reference level in the tool, zoom in on it and set the other speakers to match.

The application also includes a distance/delay calculator to assist in setting an appropriate delay time between front and rear speakers.

This application requires an iPhone or suitable microphone for an iPod Touch.

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6 Responses

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  1. Simon Tether says

    I have been looking for an app to do just this.

    Be nice if it listened to all channels on the noise cycle generated from the receiver and had a level for each channel displayed simultaneously. Then just a case of adjusting the receiver until all the levels are the same.

  2. Matt says

    Thanks for the feedback — that would be a useful feature. I’ll take a look into it.


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