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Providing teams with hands-on development, managerial support and technical leadership on software projects for over 17 years. Communicates, negotiates and transfers knowledge through the company, from technical teams to the sales force and the CEO. Successfully works with external partners from low-level issues to strategic planning. A trusted corporate emissary, carrying the company message without management oversight. Earns respect of teams and managers by understanding and contributing to technology, business issues, human interaction and common goals.


Senior Director, Technology, Transportation Technologies, Expedia, Bellevue, WA 2010-Present

Leading 120 people in the development of Expedia’s transportation supply systems comprising Air, Best Fare Search (BFS), Car and Destination Services.  Managing a $16M budget.  Negotiating SLAs and contracts with service and technology providers in the travel industry.  Developed strategic plans for Expedia’s existing and potential new businesses.  Responsible for development, test, program management and operations for Transportation Technologies supply systems.

Development Manager, Coinstar, Bellevue, WA 2009-2010

Managed Coinstar’s Server Development Team, having responsibility for the development of Coinstar’s $3B annual transaction value coin counting back-end systems.  Provided support for telecommunication to the Coinstar kiosk network, real-time transaction support for in-kiosk value cards and connections to value card providers and configuration and transaction logging for Coinstar’s coin counting kiosks.

Consultant developer, TDTG, Redmond, WA 2009

Developed SWERVE New Driver Central application for SWERVE driving school.  Implemented study & quiz modules, third-party analytics, content deployment and consumption by the application utilizing Cocoa Touch UI, Deep Focus Technologies proprietary data rendering framework, JSON, Facebook Connect.

Consultant developer, LiquidPlanner, Bellevue, WA 2009

Building the LiquidPlanner Mobile Dashboard from the ground up: design, development and testing of a native iPhone application providing access to LiquidPlanner’s SAAS project management system. Cocoa Touch UI, asynchronous access to REST web services using Objective-C, Xcode, JSON and the httpriot open-source library for data access.  Application is using Deep Focus Technologies’ proprietary data rendering technologies.

Deep Focus Technologies, Maple Valley, WA 2009

Building an iPhone application & development framework to support iPhone management of disease symptoms and care.  Framework supports rapid data consumption & UI rendering for applications supporting tabular and detail object displays using the UITableView control.  The framework utilizes REST for remote services or SQLite3 for local data, based on a clean data model, the framework is easily extensible for a variety of backend data providers. This framework can be integrated with your SAAS or local data-based application.

Consultant developer, Expedia, Bellevue, WA 2009

Finished product design, implementation, test and release of Expedia Itinerary Viewer iPhone application using Cocoa Touch, Objective-C, TouchXML, RegExKitLite Xcode, and Interface Builder. Improved and updated network communication error handling, reverse-engineered Expedia’s XML data model. Applied significant UI, animation and usability polish, designed, created and manipulated graphic elements for product use as well as for Apple promotional purposes. Independently took overall product and development view and released a quality application with minimal support.

Deep Focus Technologies, Maple Valley, WA 2008-2009

Implemented .NET RSS feeds for a local startup using SQL Server, C#, ASP.NET 3.5.  Implemented Theater Tool home theater audio analysis application on iPhone for Deep Focus Technologies using Objective-C.  Currently developing a 2D simulation game on iPhone using Core Graphics (Quartz) and Objective-C.  Developed rental property web site using WordPress, Deployed simple travel content web site using Drupal CMS, Google AdSense, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools (sitemaps).

Group manager, Best fare search (BFS), Expedia, Bellevue, WA 2006-2008

Provided management, technical leadership and vision to Expedia’s high-performing BFS team. Responsible for development, test and program management teams for Expedia’s most valuable piece of intellectual property. Successfully proposed and negotiated for compensation increases for a high-value, high-output team. Provided investigation and input for critical business crises. Performed technical due diligence as part of M&A activities. Successfully developed employees, including a report which became a peer and a report which became my successor. Member of President of Expedia’s North American point of sale and supply team’s leadership team, contributing to overall company strategy. Developed team 5-year plan, presented and defended plan to Expedia’s executive team. Presenter at Expedia’s company meeting with 1000+ attendees. Presenter at Computerized Airline Sales and Marketing Association (CASMA) Fall 2007 conference.

Development Manager, BFS, Expedia, Bellevue, WA 2004-2006

Selected to succeed Expedia’s first manager of BFS development after his retirement. Provided technical vision, personnel management and schedule management to development team. Earned and maintained respect of a talented, but difficult development team. Set strategy, timeline and successfully rolled out BFS international search and pricing system, significantly reducing customer shopping requests and increasing conversion. Led team to create Expedia’s lowest-downtime component. Created and maintained collaborative environment with operations team.

Sr. Software Design Engineer/LEAD, BFS, Expedia, Bellevue, WA 2002-2004

Independently worked with internal international team and outside companies to design, develop and deliver a international nett fare search and pricing system built on BFS technology. Worked with Expedia UK, German and Italian teams for rollout, operational support and initial bug fixing. Successfully released and supported system in corporate data center with no outages and few pricing errors. Provided technical leadership, mentoring and employee development for a small team of software design engineers. Provided support and troubleshooting for production BFS systems.

SDE/LEAD, Microsoft, Redmond, WA 1998-2002

Led team building IDE support for Microsoft Visual Studio 7.0. Led control development team for Microsoft .NET Compact Frameworks. Developed technical roadmap, strategy, internal and external partnerships and supporting software for Windows CE ADO and OLEDB based data stack.

SDE, Microsoft, Redmond, WA 1996-1998

Developed Visual BASIC for Windows CE controls and runtime system. Supported product by high-visibility support at trade shows and on the Internet. Co-presented at Microsoft Professional Developer’s Conference. Investigated and corrected multi-processor/multi-thread stress and concurrency issues in Microsoft ADO and OLEDB data stack under IIS. Developed Microsoft ODBC 3.0 middleware stack
Designed Microsoft ODBC Control Panel.

SR. SDE, Saros (acquired by FileNet), Bellevue, WA 1994-1996

Developed driver-model on-the-fly component system for multi-platform and multi-target Mezzanine.
Developed R:BASE database layer for Mezzanine. Developed Single-Machine Mezzanine local document management system.

Software Engineer/Intern, Microrim, Bellevue, WA 1990-1994

Developed R:BASE SQL Engine, the first delivered ODBC driver. Implemented enhancements to R:BASE database DDL/DML commands. Implemented schema caching system for Microrim’s Integration Server (internship, 1991). Implemented runtime virtual memory management linking and page optimization system for R:BASE 3.0 (internship,1990). Implemented source code scanning and compliance system (internship, 1990).


Washington State University, Pullman, WA — Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, 1992


Communication, management, career development, internal and external strategy, C/C++, C#, VB.NET, Objective-C, Ruby, Drupal, WordPress, SQL, Windows Mobile (CE), iPhone, Facebook Connect, Linux, Macintosh, Windows, Core Graphics (Quartz), Open Source porting and use, systems programming, debugging, performance, stress and scalability analysis and tuning.


Music, Bicycling, Surfing, Photography, Golf


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