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Making a couple of great products work together

Update: updated package, md5 and install path the readme and this post.  Correct install path is ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Camino.  Thanks David for the correction and including the script on Pimp My Camino.


Even with the recent release of Safari 4 beta, I’m hooked on Camino as my browser.  It is quick and lightweight.

I’ve also recently started to use Evernote, both on my Mac as well as my iPhone.  These are great products, but the only way to enable web clippings from Camino to Evernote in the browser is by going through a bookmark that contains a javascript URL that does the clipping.

Jealous of the Firefox community and their plugin, I wanted an Evernote button on my toolbar to do the clipping, so I built a simple applescript to accomplish the task.  If you’d like to try it out, you can download it here. (md5sum:f7738b0ec8716c2b6979f68edc98e910)

Install by unzipping the package and drop it in your ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Camino directory (~ is a shortcut for /users/username).

Next, customize your Camino toolbar.  You’ll see Script:Evernote in the toolbox.  Drag it up to your toolbar and you’re good to go.

Because the script communicates with Evernote via applescript, you’ll need to have Evernote on the local machine.  If you’re reading this far, you probably already do.

Happy clipping!

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  1. Stephen says

    Thanks, Matt. I was looking for something like this. I know less than most, though, so can you please tell me more about where the “toolbox” is? When I unpack the script zip file, I”ve got a text file (Read Me) and an Evernote app. Thanks for any more you can share….

  2. Matt says

    Hi Stephen. You unpack the script file and open the readme. Copy the Evernote script ( to ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Camino. Once you do this, Camino will find the script. When you right-click on the Camino toolbar, and select “customize toolbar…” a screen will pop up with the toolbox of items that can be placed on your toolbar.

    Script:Evernote should be in the toolbox. Drag Script:Evernote from there up on to your toolbar and you should be ready to go.

    I just tested the script on Camino 2.0 b4 and it still works.


  3. Bodhi says


    Thanks for doing this 🙂 I was definitely appreciating the toolbar button in Firefox before I switched to Camino, so now I’m glad to have it here.

    One problem though – now that I figured out how to get it into my toolbar and I see the pretty little green elephant icon, I select some text on a webpage to “clip” to an Evernote, and hit the button. But instead of clipping only that text to a note and keeping the url in the note’s field as well, it grabs the entire webpage. Is there something I’m missing here? It seems the function of the clip+toolbar-button would be to snag something of interest into a note in Evernote, but that’s not what it’s giving me.

  4. Matt says

    I tried to get the selection clip to work a couple of versions ago on Camino, and gave up after spending an afternoon trying to figure it out. So, the full-page-clip is expected. Maybe now it is easier? I haven’t had the time to look into it…

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